Saturday, June 29, 2013


New Sale Items in our Etsy SHOP

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{Sale decals have already been cut so colors cannot be changed}
 COLOR for above Giraffe - Golden Sunset
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Reg Retail - $80 - SALE price $30
{Sale decals have already been cut so colors cannot be changed}
 Colors are detail in listing on Etsy
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Monday, June 17, 2013

90th Birthday!!

I recently designed an invitation for my Grandpa's 90th Birthday Party!
Just wanted to share :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Selections for a Spec Home

I'm really excited to be picking out selections for a Spec Home!!!
This is like Pinterest come to LIFE day!
I know my taste is way more expensive than the budget, so I will have to get creative.
Here are some of my recent Faves for paint colors, trim work, tile, etc.

Love the gray paint, the fixture, white trim and dark floors.  Not crazy about the floor pattern/material, but the color is pretty.  Oh and the window seat is adorable too.

I would really love to put an aqua or yellow door on the front of this house, but I am really digging the dark black doors with the white trim.

I think an accent room with a Navy or DARk DARK grey color is going to be a must!
Also love the open shelves above the W&D instead of upper cabinets.

I am not a huge fan of walk in showers - I am partial to the Glass Shower next to the tub look as seen here.
The tile is a little too much for me, but I love the Marble TUB!

With Grey Walls throughout the house - I am thinking White Kitchen Cabinets and possibly an Antique White tile will be perfect.  I love this Marble - they make a formica that is really close to this same look, but I will need to pick granite.  I am not a huge fan of granite (I mean I love it when it comes to function - hands down!!!)  But I am a marble girl!! I love clean and white.

Love the stone work on this fireplace and the trim work above.

Here again is the black door with white - Love it!!
And I am obsessed with this light - Oh my - I would kill for that light!!
The floor is amazing too and love the backsplash.
Totally crushing on this Kitchen right now.  eeeek!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


We have kicked off the summer with adding 3 new bunnies to the family.  My 3 older kids each go their own bunny and they are smitten.

My 3 year old daughter named hers princess (of course) - let's hope it's not a boy :)
My 4 year old son names his Oso (from Disney)
My 6 year old son named his Bronco (he is a huge BSU fan!)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I dream of opening a Cupcakery. I have to remind myself that no matter how fun and how cute the store is, it is still work - and lots of work!! But while I dream I imagine how I would start.  What decorations, lighting fixtures, displays - but most of all, what colors????
Here are some of my Fave color palettes from Design Seeds for my dream Cupcakery :)

Love the soft vintage feel of these colors.  There definitely has to be pink!

There also has to be some kind of green or aqua - but this just doesn't quite have a girly feel to it.

I am naturally drawn to the next two because they are based on cupcake photos!
Can't decide if I like the softer vintage tones, or the brighter more fun tones.

I love the way olive green accents the pinks.
But it may not be colorful enough.

I think this one is my Fave!  It incorporates the pink, aqua and olive.

And here's a more toned downed version of the above - but I think I lean towards the brighter hues.
Would the brighter hues be too much after awhile?  Would the vintage colors be too dull?