Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kaden's 2nd Birthday - Vintage Car Party

My sons birthday party was themed cars.
Vintage/cartoon cars, that is.

I cut out vinyl for our blank kitchen wall, hung our birthday banner and embellished with some extra ribbon. Picked up the balloons from the party store, made some pom poms and the birthday wall was finally done!

I had a lot of fun making all of the labels and cupcake toppers, and picking out all of the candy!
I got some of my clipart for the invitation, cupcake toppers etc from a great shop -
Tracy Ann Printables

These adorable paper straws I found just a few days before the party and the girl was so nice to get them in the mail ASAP so that I would get them in time, and just in time, they arrived about 4 hours before the party started.
Check out here straws here:
Taylor and Grace Productions

The adorable pillow boxes that I used as the party favor 'bags' are from:
Dun Gees Num Nums

We picked up some tires from our local Les Schwabb for the weekend, the kids had fun with the bean bag toss into the tires.

And played Pin the Wheel on the Car on our birthday wall
Ate lots of yummy food

I added vinyl to the bevarage buckets, and the 'buns' bowl :)

And there were lot of goodies too!

The marshmallows I poked with toothpicks that had racing flags on the end.

We lined the outside tables with race car table covers.

But most of all - we had a TON of fun !!



Jenglamgirl said...

SO darling!!! LOVE IT ALL AND ALL YOUR TOUCHES, details and colors!

p.s. I think you were at a party Maria Murie had. A craft night with vinyl plates. Anyhoo, I think you are in her ward. In fact we go to the same chapel and your ward is getting out when mine is getting in. I have seen you in the halls. HA! small world.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea!! You are so clever. I loved it so much that I blogged about it so I can remember it when it comes time for little guy's bday.

BTW I am a new-ish follower. :)

Lisa said...

It turned out SO SO cute!

Kim Davis said...

Oh my gosh. So cute! Maybe you should go into the party planning business. Happy Birthday Kaden!

Noor said...

lovely ideas!! great theme!!

Kendra said...

Happy belated birthday Kaden! Wish I could have been there...everything looks super yummy!! Great job Lynnette;)

SewLindaAnn said...

I've been subscribed in reader, but just signed in as a follower I really need to find out what that all means!! Love your blog and all the ideas and stories!

Amy H. said...

Super cute just shared on my FB page: