Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sale -

We are moving so our Etsy shop is having a 20% off sale.

Decals will start shipping Mid May after we move.
Discount is given at time of shipment.

Janey Mac

New Obsession

Available at Fairy Bubbles

My new obsession is Whipped Soaps and Lotions.

Available at Anderson Soap Co

While trying to think of a good "I'm moving away from everyone" gift for my friends I found all these yummy soaps and lotions.

Available at Fresh and Clean Soaps

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunny Weather

It started to warm up here in our home town for a couple of days, but now it is windy and cold again. But we are moving next week to warmer weather! My husband got a job were it is warm all year round, can't wait!

I already ordered kiddie pools and sand tables. I didn't realize there was so much selection out there.

My oldest is 2 1/2 so this is the first summer that I feel like he can play with sand, etc without eating everything first.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summertime Please Hurry

Just 4 U Bags

ModBe Clothing

It is still cold here :(

Julie Meyer

I love summertime, lounging at the pool, taking the kids to the park, going on walks at night.

Shabby Apple

Nothing reminds me more of summertime than polka dots - colorful polka dots.

chARiTy elise

AMC - Amercian Motors Company

So if you are my generation, you probably are not too familiar with AMC (the car company) since they are not around anymore.

But in my household growing up, we were surrounded by them. My dad collected the little matchbox cars, the real cars, he even bought out an old car company in the 90s and so we had signs, and everything else an old AMC dealership would have had.

Many Saturdays my dad would spend fixing up these cars. And we all wondered why.

Who could love such weirdness.

Well my dad just sold his last car, and promised my mom he wouldn't buy any more ever again. So with his birthday coming up, I found him this sketch of a gremlin and I thought it would be perfect.

This is from Uncommon
They have some cool pieces.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Not a Scrapbooker

Smart Lil Cookie

So I have never had the talents to create a beautiful scrapbook. My pages never seem to look better than anything a 5 year old could do. So I have a lot of scrapbook supplies that gather dust.

I have most recently discovered premade albums. I purchased some off of etsy, and I love them. These people are really talented.

Pink Owl Paperie

So I have decided from here on out I will let other people make them and then I can just insert my picture. Plus this is hours of work I no longer have to do, and the product looks great!

Cayerful Creations

I am excited to finish up my pre-made albums!
Check out these shops, they have great stuff!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cute Baby Shower Gifts

Ok so I was going through my favorites and found this shop:

I love these, the next baby shower I go to, I am going to order something.
I always feel like it is the same old thing, a cute outfit, or some baby necessities.

I love what she has done with your baby basics!

Mama Makes Money

A Blog giveaway!

Mama Makes Money will be hosting a giveaway for us.
We are giving away a $20 gift certificate.

We have just added the "Followers" ticker to our blog.
Makes us one of the blogs you follow and you will be entered to win the $20 gift certificate.

See Mama Makes Money
for the details. Here is the link:

All of our vinyl can be seen at our ETSY SHOP.