Thursday, April 9, 2009

AMC - Amercian Motors Company

So if you are my generation, you probably are not too familiar with AMC (the car company) since they are not around anymore.

But in my household growing up, we were surrounded by them. My dad collected the little matchbox cars, the real cars, he even bought out an old car company in the 90s and so we had signs, and everything else an old AMC dealership would have had.

Many Saturdays my dad would spend fixing up these cars. And we all wondered why.

Who could love such weirdness.

Well my dad just sold his last car, and promised my mom he wouldn't buy any more ever again. So with his birthday coming up, I found him this sketch of a gremlin and I thought it would be perfect.

This is from Uncommon
They have some cool pieces.

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