Thursday, December 17, 2009

Easy Christmas Yummies

So I did things the easy way this year for Christmas. I went to a local home decor store and found Christmas plates, ribbon and celophane. Since I have a house full of little ones, I decided baking a bunch of food was not a option this year. So I went to Costco, they have delicious pound cakes (pumpkin, banana nut and butter), and I got some peppermint bark (yum!), and some brownie bites.

So one evening of shopping, an afternoon of assembling treats onto plates and $90 later, I had 12 Christmas plates done! Now we just have to deliver them all :)

~ On a side note the home decor store is Thai Pan - If you are ever in Utah, you have to check it out. Tons of great stuff, especially at Christmas time.

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