Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boys Bedroom - Classic or Fun?

Love these pictures from Creative Baby Nursery Rooms

I want to paint stripes in my boys bedroom, I just can't decide what color.  They have a bunch of vintage car decor, so I was thinking of going with a Go Dog Go theme - bright and fun but I also love the subtle classiness of this nursery - and I love the grey stripes:

And maybe I am so drawn to this room because my boys room started with a pair of lamps in Ice Blue and Orange - my inspiration for their room (I didn't take it too far though :)

And then here is a bright and fun one:

I think I would enjoy more, the classic bedroom, but I think my boys would have so much more fun in a bright room.

I like the multi color and extra large stripes of this wall:

And I LOVE white decals on dark walls!

(Following pics from pinterest)

How cute are these subtle stripes on one wall - I love these colors for a gender neutral play room:

Or maybe just a striped bed - that would save me a lot of a work :)

One thing I think is a must is a wall full of fun:

I would love to do wood floors so I could put down a bold and fun rug on the floor:

Stripes and a bold rug:
This double built in bed is one of the coolest things ever:

This room is kind of classic and fun - my boys would love the planes, and the car rug - I just wish our car rug wasn't so bright and awful looking :)

Do you think that is an airplane print?  Or chalkboard?

This boat would be the coolest thing ever - but I can tell you right now, that's not gonna happen :)

My Jackson wants a bunk bed soooooooooo bad.

I love the built in beds, he is wanting more of a tree house theme to his.
Like this:

I have to admit that is pretty cool!

And just a couple more fun decor ideas:


Have to have these bus bookends:

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