Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Time

It's about time we start blogging again - seriously!
The launch of the new division of Janey Mac has had us all so busy - but we are back at it again and we have some fun things in store for our blogging schedule.

Mondays - Dollar Days:  We will highlight 3 deeply discounted wall decals in our Etsy Shop.  These are first come first serve.  So as soon as they are posted Monday morning they are ready for purchase.
Each week we will have;
1 decal at $1 - (you might see something like this):

Apple Line

1 decal at $3 (you might see something like this):

 Mom and Baby Giraffe

1 decal at $5 (you might see something like this):

 Blowing Floral Tree

Some of the decals have a retail value of up to $95 - these are amazing deals!!!
Our first Monday Dollar day is Monday November 14th.
These would make great Christmas gifts too :)

Tuesdays - New Product/Showcase Product:

Each Tuesday we will showcase a certain product or introduce a new product.  This product will be on sale at 20% off for the rest of the week (the week ending on Saturday).
We will start tomorrow with our first Product Showcase!

Wednesdays - Tutorials and Tips:
On Wednesday we will bring you fun tutorials and tips and tricks for your vinyl wall decals.

Thursdays - Interior Style:
Thursdays I will showcase my favorite Interior Style pictures of the week.  As we get closer to building our house, I keep collecting photos of amazing interiors!

Fridays - Free Day:
This is our day to pick and choose and mix it up - we may reference a great project on another site.  Or host a giveaway for our wall decals.  You'll have to wait and see!

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Nice Pics, i think i should try this one at home..


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