Saturday, August 24, 2013

Getting Ready to Decorate!

Picking out Paint and Furniture  . . . .

Initially I wanted a medium to dark grey (on the colder side of grey) with a start white trim for the paint in our house.  That is until I was looking for furniture and found this . . . .

I had seen some other couch styles that I really loved, but they are all linens and velvets, and with 4 kids 6 and younger - I didn't think that was a real great idea!  And then I found this beauty above - Leather, Pintucked and Gorgy Color!!!

So I had to rethink my paint colors - Now I need a Greige - thanks pinterest!

Can't decide if I want to go light or a medium tone.  The wood floors will be a dark grey wash and furniture in the medium range with creamy white kitchen cabinets.  Do I dare a dark paint color or will it be too dark???  The cabinets would look fantastic popping against the dark wall though!

Anyway . . .
Here is what I have compiled so far for the Great Room Furniture.

As you can see - I need helping deciding on what rug color to go with.  The white rug would look amazing against the floors, the grey was what I was originally thinking and the blue would give a subtle pop of color - too many decisions!! But at least their fun ones ;)

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