Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Style a Wall Gallery

In light of our new product release, I thought today would be a good day to share with you all a couple tips and tricks to styling your very own wall gallery.

Ever since I was little I have always loved a good wall gallery. In fact, when I was younger I use to cut pictures of boy bands and teenage heart throbs out of magazines and collage them all over my wall...but I mean, who didn't really?
Though my choice of content may have changed over the years, my love for a good wall gallery has not. Here are a few tricks I've found to help make deciding the pattern and placement of your photo's a little easier. 

Now for those of you who, like me, are a bit more on the visual side of creativity, prints like these are extremely helpful and rather easy to find. Having something to look at that has several different Ideas is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and help get you headed in the right direction, even if you change things a little on the way.

Another great way to make hanging a wall gallery a little easier is to trace and replace. Though tracing out paper copies of all the different pictures you plan to hang might sound like a lot of work, your walls will greatly appreciate the lack of unnecessary holes this method will afford. 

Another great way to style a wall gallery is to simply go the old fashioned way and lay them out on the floor. Anything that allows you to come up with the look and style you are going for before hand is gonna make the whole process run a lot smoother. 

Once you have your prints chosen and your placement planned, all you have to do is start hanging and watch your adorable wall gallery appear before your eyes!

So there you have it! Hopefully this helps give you a little inspiration when it comes to creating a gallery of your own :)

If you guys have any tips and tricks, or have pictures of wall galleries you have done yourself, make sure to send them are way! We would love to see them :)

Have a lovely day!

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