Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fan or Friend? Caution: Confusion Ahead

So I originally set up a friend page on Facebook for Janey Mac. But I think as a business I should have a Fan page. I am so confused!! So I set up another page, now I have two pages. So I think I need to turn my Janey Mac friend page into my personal page and keep my Janey Mac fan page for the business. Any help from those of you who now how facebook works would be greatly appreciated. So embarrassing!!

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mom-b said...

just stay away from a "group", i have one for my buisness and everytime you update it goes to peoples inbox (which is annoying), and now i can't figure out how to close or cancel the group. i would just send out a few messages over a few days saying that you are changing the site to your buisness and people can stay or leave accordingly.
Hope that helps. I found you on etsy, LOVE your stuff, hope to be able to get some soon! Back when i was working and had $$$ i spent a small fortune on blik :) yr stuff is way cuter though! Good luck!