Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Breakation Sale

Up to 40% off your Vinyl Order.

SPRING BREAKATION SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sale Dates - Monday March 22nd - Monday March 29th

(We will be out of the office and on a Spring Vacation Monday March 22nd through Thursday April 8th)
Orders will start Shipping out on April 9th.

Because of the delay in shipping we are giving you 25% off your purchase.

& if you become a fan on of Janey Mac on facebook you get another 10% off
& if your order is over $150 you will get another 10% off

For a total of 40% off your order!!!!!!!!!!
(i.e. - $150 order only costs you $90)

We will refund you after you purchase, or you can send me an email and I can set up a listing with the adjusted price.

I will have access to my email while away:

Here is the link to our shop:

Janey Mac


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