Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Vinyl Dandelion Design

So as you all know I am on my "working vacation". My intent is to design some new product and finish a few things up like catalogs, media kits etc. So far all I have really been able to do is get caught up on orders. But I was able to sneak in one new design so far. This was an easy one though, I really like our blowing dandelion decals and our different "block" decals and they are both great sellers, so I decided to combine the two concepts. This week I want to get my creative juices flowing and come up with some completely NEW stuff. I have random pages, and sticky notes of ideas all strewn about my office and house - Time to get ORGANIZED! But sometimes the simple designs are the ones I like the best.


k.o'brien jewelry said...

So bold and elegant. I usually think of dandelion puffs in a completely different manner. This introduces me to a new comfort zone. I love it.

miznyc said...

I understand the feeling! I need to carve out dedicated time for just working on new ideas. I am going on vacation but I won't be working. lol. Looks good!