Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year - New Blog

Well I guess it's about time I get going with my goals for the new year.
I want to try and blog daily from now on - Well at least Monday thru Friday.
My goal is to blog about new designs we have, new products, fun crafts that you can do with vinyl, and print your own stationery, decorating ideas, customer photos, and of course MORE giveaways!

This first post is my new paint job in my great room. Check back for the follow up picture later this week. We are going to be adding a dashed harlequin pattern in a copper metallic vinyl to the walls. I can't wait! The paint color is not the color I expected, but that is too long of a story to tell now. So here is the partial transformation of our room so far:



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Kendra said...

Cute ..i love it cuz!