Saturday, April 10, 2010

The House that Janey Built - Color Selections

I am going to start a new segment on our blog called -
'The House that Janey Built'

Janey Mac (the company) helps me to afford the fun new decor I like to constantly change for my home.

We just found out we are moving back to Boise - So every Saturday I will take you through the next phase of my decorating adventure.

To start the planning of my rooms I wanted to change up the color schemes for the rooms a bit.

My current Great Room is:
Copper, Dark Brown, Teal and Cream - classic
my new color scheme is:
Black, White, Aqua and accents of Red - Fun and hopefully turns out cute :)

Maybe something like this:

or this:

Playroom - theme and colors:
Theme - Dr Seuss, Animals and Whimsical (a little broad and random, I know:)
Colors - Barbie Pink, Geyser Blue and Key Lime Pie Green or yellow - and of course White to help balance those crazy colors.

These are my inspiration pictures:

I think I like the simplicity of this look:

Boys Bedroom -
Theme: Transportation
Colors: White, Navy Blue, Keylime Pie Green, Geyser Blue and accents of Persimmon

(I know this picture is of animals, but I like the color combo)

And that's all for now -
Taking on a new house and redecorating every room excites but overwhelms me!


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Lisa said...

Love it! Those colors seem so you! Cant wait to see what you do...mostly so I can copy! :)