Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Etching glass

I tried glass etching when my husband and I were first married and it was a nightmare! I swore I would never do it again. But then I was introduced to etching with vinyl and its so easy and fast!

All you do is stick the vinyl on:
Brush the etching paste on and let it sit:

Rinse and your done!

Some of you may think you would never etch glass but there are some very practical purposes. One of my favorites is to personalize your glass baking dishes. You can etch your name on the bottom and never worry about losing your dishes again!

This would be such a useful and personalized wedding gift with the newlyweds monogram on the bottom. My favorite is this one.

You can also use this at Christmas time to etch on the simple glass bulbs that they carry at craft stores. You can make your own personalized ornaments that look professional! I have also seen a plain glass plate turned into a "Today is your Special Day" plate to be used on holidays and special occasions!

Jars, vases, mirrors, anything glass can now be personalized! Just remember that if you are ever going to use this technique you have to order the vinyl in reverse and weeded the opposite direction. You want the outline of the design, not the design itself.



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