Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's Word - Hippos (on My Mind)

I was playing with my boys over the weekend, and we were doing puzzles. One of their puzzles has this super cute Hippo on it - then while browsing fabric for the kids play room, I ran across the chocolate fabric with white hippos (#1) and fell in love.
I just wish it matched the playroom colors so I could order it :)

1. Fabric by the yard - The Hey Day Shop
2. Reusable Lunch Baggie - Wee Pereas
3. Teether - Little Allouette
4. Pillow Case Dress - Mamma Jane
5. Sock Hippo - Teacher Creatures
6. Onesie - Spotted Elephant Boutique
7. Purse - Mibolsa
8. Zipper Pouch - Allie Beans
9. Print - Oodles of Color

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