Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Spotlight

This weeks Saturday Spotlight is Gypsy Rose Handbags.

As a new photographer I was in the market for a new camera bag because I had outgrown the one that came with my camera. My photography teacher had recommended that we not get a Canon or Nikon bag because its a great way for thieves to recognize expensive camera equipment. I started checking around and fell in love with the bags from Gypsy Rose Handbags.

They have so many patterns and sizes. I bought the Large Snugglens bag and I love it! Its super cute and I was surprised at how comfortable it is. I wore it on my first photo shoot last Saturday and it was light and comfortable and I was so happy to have everything I needed with me.

I love that it has these little legs on it so if I do set it down it wont get dirty.

This is the inside. The pockets are nice and big, I wish I could show you how great the camera fits in...but that's hard to do when you have to take a picture of it :)

She also puts another latch to keep it closed when your camera is inside so nothing will fall out.I love this bag!

Its so worth the wait it takes and the price because the quality of the bag is excellent!



The Fin's said...

Oh I heart this bag!!!!! I LOVE IT!

jennifer said...

My lovely Snugglens arrived the other day and I feel the same as you totally in love with it.