Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Reuse your Easter Buckets

If you didn't see our tutorial on the Easter Buckets, you have to go back and check it out. The question is what to do with those adorable buckets now that Easter is over.

This is what I did with mine:

First we found the buckets after searching everywhere -
We found some at Target, some at TJMAXX - you may even be able to find some at a garage sale :)

The next step I took was to raid my little sister's ribbon drawer.

And then tied them on to the side of the bucket handles.

Then I cut out my desired wording:
Diapers and Wipes - Why?
Well because I like to have them readily accessible, not in a drawer - but they are such an eyesore on the top of the changing table. So what better than some adorable buckets.

Applying the vinyl is super easy, as always.

And the final product, exactly what I had hoped for - So CUTE!

Sorry I don't have any final pics of the buckets in the room - we are still moving in and I don't even have the crib set up yet :)


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