Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coral and Aqua

I think like most of America - I am having a love affair with Aqua in all it's many shades.
I think I found me perfect color combo for my studio.

Aqua and Coral

My inspiration - a Nursery:

I love the black accents.

My wall are already a beige color, so I can add in the new colors - and call it good!

p.s. - I love the new banner look over the front of the crib - I think I am going to add that to my little one's crib :)

Photos from House of Turquoise

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kristanlynn said...

ah! i am too!!!
i'm redocrating my living room over the next month or two...
i just created a treasury on etsy for my living room inspiration.

i really wanted colors that felt cheery and made me feel happy... aqua and coral is what i decided to do.
I think it'll be great for a studio =)