Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Built In Bunk Beds

Awhile back I posted about an awesome built in bunk bed system.  I am designing my kids rooms right now - well the floor plan and layout of them at least.  And I really want to do built in bunk beds for the boys room.
There are so many awesome ways of doing them - how do I choose?

Via Here
Love the colors and angles of these beds

 Via Here
With this option, I would only need one bedroom :)

Great storage in the stairs idea!

Modern lines always look great in a boys room - this ladder is so fun.

First I love the colors of this room - but how cool are these suspended beds!  I think my boys would think this was the coolest bed ever!!!

This bed has such a Cruise Ship feel to it.


If only I had a room this big to create something as cute as this:

And there are so many more - Good thing I have about a year to think about it and figure it out :)

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