Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Piece or Tankini?

I am about 5'-10" and I am also ALL torso - my legs are the same length as friends that are 5'-6".  So finding a one piece is almost impossible for me.  Do you know how thrilled I was when I was about 17 and tankinis started showing up in stores!  And I of course still love them.

 (Style Salt)
(Doesn't this look like the girl from the show Chuck)
Love the colors in this suit
 I love white suits, but I have never been brave enough to buy one.


I always love the swimsuits that will end up leaving the crappiest tan lines :)

And although it is warming up, it is no where near the weather for swimsuits - but you have to get em early or they are gone!

(Victoria's Secret)

So although I still have 5 lbs I would like to shed - I guess the swimsuit extravaganza begins.
There are so many great suits this season!!

(J Crew)
J Crew also has some great one pieces - They are the only place I have found that carries cute long torso one pieces.
I am LOVING these two:

And some cute ones for the kids:

Love the clean and modern lines of the swimsuit.
Baby Dior

Kate Mack

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Anonymous said...

these are all very cute. I would be scared to wear the strapless one. Good luck findign one that you love. i am still debating a few myself.