Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hello fellow bloggers and blogger lovers, and welcome to my humble abode. 
For the last few weeks I have been settling in. Fluffing the pillows, hanging the photos, making hot chocolate, all the things one usually does when they move into a new place. And, now that I have settled in and made myself a little comfy spot on the sofa, I thought I would take a moment to officially introduce myself :) 

As I'm sure most of you have already figured out, my name is Rachel. I am a 22 year - old gal from the ever so lovely streets of American Fork, Utah, currently living in Saint George where I attend school at Dixie State University. I come from a very loving, very caring, very large clan of fellow Budges. I say clan because group isn't really a big enough word to describe how many of us there really are. Seriously, we could populate a small country. That's beside the point though, on to how I came to reside here at Janey Mac. 
Growing up in rather small towns, being creative and knowing how to make magical things out of random junk was necessary to having a glorious childhood. That combined with the fact that my mom is Mrs. crafty herself and even runs her own scrapbooking company, is precisely what has led to my love of crafts and creativity. My love for social media and writing, however, didn't come until my high school years. 
Now I am a firm believer that sometimes, just sometimes, doing something you wouldn't normally do can be one of the best decisions you can make. This was exactly the case for me when I, spur of the moment, decided to take a journalism class in high school. It was about a month in, when I was asked to join the school newspaper as one of their reporters, that my love for writing truly began, and it has never really gone away. 
Now, being a lover of crafts, writing, and all things social media, you can imagine my excitement when the opportunity to work for a company like Janey Mac presented itself. It was like someone handed me a cake with all my favorite things on it and told me I got to eat it all by myself. Too good to be true. But alas, here I am, pinched arm and all, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I am so excited to get to know all of you better, and to help spread the word about a company I truly love. 
I quite like the little home I've made for myself. It's comfy and has pretty floors. I think I'll keep it :) 

Have a lovely day! 

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