Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Customized Shirt

I have seen a lot of tutorials about using a design and bleach but they all involved to many complicated steps that required precise cutting - not for me! With football season coming up I wanted to make my little man a personalized shirt for the season and when I found a 99 cent shirt in just the right color it was meant to be! I had Lynnette cut me a football helmet and wanted to test if you could use vinyl as an easy way to do this technique...

It worked!
It was so easy and I love the end result.

To do it all I did was lay out my vinyl and peal off the paper.

I wanted to keep it in a specific area rather than let it go all over the shirt. I put cardboard in the middle so it wouldn't bleed to the other side and then folded the shirt back and taped it, except where I wanted the bleach to go.

I laid a couple of towels under it so if there was any over spray it wouldn't hurt my table. I used a cheap little spray bottle and filled it with bleach and then sprayed away.

I wanted it to be really noticeable so I sprayed a lot but you could do it lighter for a less dramatic effect. When I was done spraying there were pooled drops of bleach on the vinyl. I didn't want it to bleed off so I took a rag and laid it over to absorb all the extra bleach.

Then I pulled the cardboard out and quickly rinsed the shirt out in the bathtub to make sure that it could not bleed anywhere else and then washed it.

I had an iron on of our favorite team that I wanted to put on the front. Too bad that didn't work as well. I'm thinking I may use vinyl or sticker logo to spray the front to match the back!



Lynnette said...

Love it!
This just added some to do to my craft list :)

Jenglamgirl said...

SO CUTE, i HAVE TO MAKE ONE! i CAN cut vinyl and do this for my kids... with any image! Thanks for the tutorial! Jenn