Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Distressed Board with Vinyl Owl Decal

This distressed board is so easy to make - and quick too.
First start with your board - if it needs to be sanded you will want to lightly sand it with a sanding block.
Spray your board with your base color (the color you want the least to show)

I started by spraying my board with a primer - white.
Then I used Dove soap in areas that I wanted the white to show through.
And if your two year old wants to help, this is something he likely can not mess up :)

Then paint your board with your next color.
I chose an oil rubbed bronze color.

Then sand your board so your base color shows through.

I used a light layer of soap, you can get a really chunky distressed look if you use a lot of soap, I will show you this method later.

Then again with your soap go over the areas of the base and second color, where you want it to show through on your main color.

Finally paint your third and final coat - I chose carnation pink.

And sand this one more time.

Before applying vinyl you may want to let board dry for about 24hrs.
That way you can peel off the vinyl and put on a new piece when you want to change things up a bit, but without ruining your board :)

Lastly apply the vinyl!
And your done :)


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Lisa said...

Cute cute! That soap trick has changed my life :)