Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Birthday Decorations

I don't have a vinyl tutorial today, but a Birthday Tutorial!

If you saw my post a week or so ago on my son's 2nd, car birthday party - I thought I would show you I had made some of the decorations for his party.

I am not all about decorations that take a really long time, or are hard so these are some fairly quick and easy crafts that you can make on a budget :)

**First - Invitations:
I purchased some clip art from:
Tracy Ann Digital Art

I put together the invitation with the clip art in illustrator,
Purchased some A7 (5 x 7) envelopes and for the envelopes I added some black ribbon and some stickers that I purchased from:
Mommy's Little Critters

I designed the invitations at the 5x7 size so I could put two to a page when I printed them out, and A7 envelopes are a very common size and easy to find.

**Second, Pinwheels -

These are a lot of fun to make because they are so stinkin cute!
I printed designs on each side of some thicker cardstock (about 65 lb) you can find at any office supply store.

Then cut squares at any size you prefer.

Cut slits into your square at the corners almost to the center (at a 45 degree angle).

Then fold each section over into the center and glue with a hot glue gun (this part is not the funnest). Hold each section as the glue cools before gluing down the next section.

After I had glued all corners I added a blue gemstone embellishment - you can find these at any local scrapbook or craft store. They usually come in sheets of about 30 for a couple dollars.

To finish them off glue them to a tall lollipop stick.

**Third - Cupcake Toppers

These can be really time consuming unless you purchase some die cut punches, and then these will be super quick and easy!

First print out a template of 2" circles which I purchased from Tracy Ann Digital Art.

Punch out the 2" circles.
Print out patterns on cardstock or purchase coordinating scrapbook paper.
I purchased a 2 7/8" scallop punch for the under design. Punch these shapes from your patterned paper.

And then glue the 2" circle on top of the scallop design.

Last - glue on to short popsicle sticks.

Or they can be used as birthday breakfast pancake toppers too :)

**4th (and last) Pom Poms -

These are super easy and fun like the pinwheels -
Martha Stewart has a great tutorial for these you can find it


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