Thursday, August 5, 2010

The House that Janey Built - New Pillows and Quilt

I know I said I was starting with my daughters' room but while I am waiting for her fabric to come in the mail, I decided to sew a blanket and some pillows for my boys bed.
My two year old just grew out of his crib so we moved in a queen bed for our 2 and 3 year olds to share, they love it!

Here's the blanket that has caused me some frustrations, but I am getting close to finishing it.

I love the way the pillows turned out.

This one is my favorite pillow - My husband thinks it's too girly, but I love it.

Did you notice the blank canvases above their bed. I have only painted one so far. I have that project coming up soon, and if it turns out like I have it planned it my head, I am way excited to get it finished.

As for their headboard, the idea that I had planned, I priced out, and calculated the time it would take for me to complete and decided I should keep brainstorming.

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