Thursday, August 12, 2010

The House that Janey Built - New Furniture

So I went to a local sale - Fancy Farmgirls:

What a cute name! These ladies are so fun and create such beautiful furniture.
I loved the sale!

Here are some of my furniture finds:
First this obnoxiously bright blue chest that for some reason I couldn't resist:

I didn't know where to put it - first it started in the boys' bedroom, then I moved it to the play room, and now it has ended up in my living room. With my big empty wall space that I haven't decided what to do with yet!

Then this yellow chair that I adore:

I have been waiting for the perfect chair for this desk, and I found it!

I found so many pieces for my daughter's room that I only have one vinyl decal to apply, one deco frame to make and a childrens table to find and paint and then I am done!
I do want to make the shabby kitchen for her room still, but it will at least look completed for now :)

These are the chairs that I need to find a table for:

And then there is the gorgeous Aqua hutch for all of her quilts and sheets:

And a mirror that my mother found and I fell in love with in about 2 seconds:

Once I get all the finishing touches of her bedroom finished I will post the entire room.
I am still waiting on a custom made quilt to come in the mail - hopefully this week :)


~alicia said...

I love the painting on your "empty wall" and I think what would be gorgeous is to handpaint a frame (large rectangle) around it in a chocolate brown and put it right in the middle to highlight would take care of your "empty wall" and be an inexpensive fix!

Lisa said...

It is so cute!

Lynnette said...

great idea!
thanks :)