Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Vinyl Wall Art Decal Designs!

This design derived from a giveaway we did awhile back, they were some random pieces I had sitting in the studio that I grouped together, I had a great response so I decided to make it a decal set in our shop - I call it Whimsical Garden:

The next is mix of two of our popular designs. One of our trees and the 'flowers' for the tree were inspired by our 'swirl poppies' decal - Poppy Swirl Tree:

And one for the home - Damask Welcome:


KarBear said...

I LOVE your designs. The weekly drawings have inspired me to look for creative new ways to decorate using decals. Having lots of fun following along!

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

Love the mushrooms & swirly tree. I do love Damask too!

Angela Alvin said...

I really loved this design of Vinyl Wall Art Decals which give in this images. Thanks for sharing this nice designs.