Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Subway Art - Easy and Fast

Subway Stencil Art - The super easy way!!!
I made a 'subway art' piece of artwork with vinyl for my entry.

You can make one for your kids rooms, bedroom, with any sayings/wording that you like.
Here is a link to another vinyl subway art project that we did:
Vinyl Subway Art - Love Style

I lost the pictures of 'how to make' the above subway art.
So I am using another piece of wood and vinyl for the how to steps.

I grabbed a random piece of wood from my basement:

& A scrap piece of vinyl.

How to make subway art:
1. Apply your vinyl to your board.

3. Paint the board and over your piece of vinyl.

4. Then remove your vinyl.

and then hang your new piece of artwork!


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Amy Juhasz said...

I love that welcome sign! Very cute!