Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Subway art

I'm slowly working on redoing my bedroom, it seems like its always the room that gets neglected in my house. My husband and I went on our honeymoon to St Thomas and loved it. That's what I'm using as inspiration for our room. I have loved all the subway art that is out there and asked Lynnette to design a decal that was about romance and love.

First I got my wood. Since I wanted it to be more distressed I used a rough plywood. You could a smoother plywood if you want a smoother surface. I had my hubby cut two pieces the same size and then he used screws through the back to put them together. You could also use liquid nails to just glue them together. Then I used wood putty to fill in places that were a little too rough and where the two pieces of wood came together. I sanded it and was ready to paint!

I used a two tone paint technique and distressed it good.
(Lynnette will be doing a tutorial soon on how to get this distressed look).

Once it was all painted, I applied my vinyl!

I love how it turned out and cant wait to show you what it looks like when our room is all put together!


Lynnette said...

It turned out so good!
I can't wait for the whole room :)

mamma-mich said...

I have a piece of plywood that i found down on the beach - perfectly weathered. I too wanted to put vinyl on it - does it stick ok on the rough surface?


Lisa said...

Mine did. I have applied vinyl on quite a few rough surfaces. I applied it very gently. I like that the vinyl keeps the texture of the surface below it. Just make sure that you clean the surface before you put it on.

Lucky find! I'm a bit jealous!