Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

My little sister Hallie just redecorated her entire bedroom.
She took it from little girl Pink - To tweener Lime Green, Yellow, Blue and Black.
I love it!

So we removed the pink flowers -

and replaced them with black!


Paint the Furniture
The furniture was lightly sanded, then top coated with a primer. I prefer - Krylon's primer (white).
Then you can spray on the color or use a mohair brush to apply the paint.

And then the funnest part of all -
add the final decorating pieces :)

For the canvas over her bed we designed a flower to match her bedding and added her name.
Pre stretched canvas can be purchased at most craft stores. We painted the canvas black - this takes only minutes to dry.

For the baseboard we added some of our 'field of flowers' in teal and black - with a couple of aqua butterflies.

And here is her new 'I'm all grown up room :)


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