Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Decal - Crazy Alphabet

I had a request for a new alphabet decal - and I have been wanting to design one that is a little more crazy than our Fun and Funky Alphabet seen here:

So I give you our newest addition to our designs, Crazy Alphabet Vinyl Decal:

Let me know what color combo you like best!



Debbie said...

I love these! I like the button for the O, cute idea. I really like the first color combination the best, it will be a big seller. And there was once a day when you thought you were not artistic, I'm sure you don't think that anymore:)

Sharonabelle said...

They ALL totally rock! I am in LOVE with the second one ( middle one) but really love the last one too! It would just depend which room I was putting it in! Great design! Keep em coming!

Rachel said...

Very cute, I like the black, gray, and pink combination!