Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Entry

I finally finished decorating a room in my house - well it's not really a room, but a tiny space. My entry wall :)

First step - Find a print you want to frame. And for my matte, I just purchased a piece of card stock/scrapbook paper - easy and cheap :)

Next I took a template for a matt and cut out with an exacto knife a new matte of a coordinating color for my print.

Then place the new matt and print in the frame.

Then I took my 'Welcome' vinyl and placed it on the glass of the glass of the frame - placing it on the outside of the glass gives it a nice visual dimension.

Next I purchased some fake foliage and some primer and paint (I prefer Krylon, but I am sure there are many great primers).

I couldn't find any dark foliage so I decided I should make my own.
First I sprayed them with primer, let that dry and then sprayed them with my dark paint.

Then, if you have a fence you can shove them into, it works great for drying :) If not, just paint one side at a time and let dry before you flip over for the next side.

Place into vase - and your done!