Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Janey Mac

OK - for our Saturday Spotlight - I usually spotlight another etsy seller, but today I decided to spotlight our own company. We have a bunch of new designs and we are launching our website!!!!
Yeah - You can finally order at :)
(or you can still order from etsy too :)

I just got finished designing this branch and owl vinyl decal for a customer.
I love it!!!!

Our 'Safari Blocks' decal is very popular - so I decided to do it with a twist - Circles instead of blocks - and my newest craze - butterflies!

Next on the list - Our Leaning Tree - This was originally a blowing tree decal - but I didn't care for it too much, so I added some cutesiness to it, and I really like it now.

So after three girly designs - let's change gears:
This was another design for a customer - she liked our 'Farm Animals' decal but saw a nursery with picket fences, so I designed a fence for her - and I really liked the look of it when I was done.

and our new - Vehicle Blocks

And one for the home (the adult part of the home)


aja reeser said...

i love the new designs! especially the butterflies :) beautiful!!

Debbie said...

You picked some good ones to highlight:)